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Agro-insurance market in Ukraine: trends and prospects / Tulush L.D., Prokopchuk O.T. // Ekonomika APK. - 2018. - № 8 - P. 55

The purpose of the article is to assess the current trends in the agro-insurance market in Ukraine, summarize the reasons that hinder its effective functioning, and on this basis justify the directions and outline the prospects for further development of this segment of the insurance market. Research methods. In the research process have been used the following general scientific methods: dialectical method for analysis of scientific papers of scholars on domestic and foreign issues of effective functioning of the agricultural insurance; method of empirical research for assessing the current state and development of the research object; historical for summarizing of stages of Ukrainian agricultural insurance market; tabular and graphical methods for systematizing and visual display of digital material; abstract and logical approach for summarizing of the research results and formulating the conclusions; scientific foresight for formation of development directions of the market of agro-insurance in Ukraine. Research results. The structural features of construction of the agro-insurance market in Ukraine have been determined, its mono-component has been identified, considering that it is represented only by the system of insurance of agricultural crops and perennial plantations (with dominance of field crops). Instead, insurance of livestock is used to achieve other, non-insurance related goals. It has been established that state support for a development of the market of agro-insurance at this stage is declarative; in particular it negatively affects dynamics of its development in conditions of voluntary conclusion of insurance contracts and limited offer of a line of insurance products, which is represented only by classical (traditional) kinds. A tendency has been noted for an expansion of the range of insurance services for agricultural producers. It has been established that innovative product offers, which have become widespread in international practice due to their simplicity and accessibility, in particular in the context of index and specific insurance schemes, are practically not applied in the domestic market of agro-insurance, which forms a potential for its further development. Elements of scientific novelty. The complex of reasons hindering development of the agro-insurance market in Ukraine has been summarized and features specific to this stage of the agrarian sector development have been systematized. The discrepancy between dynamics of the agrarian sector development and volume of agro-insurance in Ukraine has been revealed, as well as underdevelopment of insurance instruments in Ukraine as compared to the developed countries in the agricultural sector. It has been substantiated that the existing problems of development of the insurance market in Ukraine are primarily caused by the absence of clearly defined strategy for its development and the disregard of interests of all its participants. Practical significance. On basis of the conducted research have been formed the development directions of the market of agro-insurance in Ukraine, among which has been defined the key direction namely further institutional development and stimulation of consolidation of participants’ interests of this market. The research results can be used in process of further scientific research of the development principles of the agro-insurance market in Ukraine on basis of balancing the interests of all its participants, as well as in preparing program documents and legislative initiatives aimed at ensuring further development of the agro-insurance market in Ukraine. Tabl.: 1. Figs.: 8. Refs.: 23.
Key words: agro-industrial complex , agricultural insurance , insurance protection , agricultural insurance market , insurance product , state support , insurance mechanism , types of insurance , insurance premium


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