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Formation and functioning of the sunflower market in Ukraine / Talavyria M.P., Sharkovska S.O. // Ekonomika APK. - 2018. - № 8 - P. 76

The purpose of the article is to analyze the sunflower market and prospects for its development in the future, study the peculiarities of functioning of the oilseeds market and the main factors influencing development of the oil industry. Research methods. In conducting the research the following methods have been used: monographic for comprehensive and depth study of individual phenomena, processes, and the identification of causal relationships of their development; systematic for research certain objects as complex systems; economic and mathematical for establishment a quantitative effect of individual factors on the research result; statistical for working with statistical information and outputting analytical expressions. Research results. On basis of the analysis, there have been determined price fluctuations on the sunflower market in the Kyiv region according to the capacity of demand and supply of the products. Our research on the current state and prospects of development of oilseed production in Ukraine has shown that the fat-and-oil industry is rather promising, but some of its features are necessary to its further development. As a result of the analysis, it has been found that the most appropriate for development of the sunflower market are: storage of sunflower seeds and its sale at favourable prices; introduction of organic production, which will increase the competitiveness of agrarian enterprises. Elements of scientific novelty. Scientific novelty of the article lies in the substantiation of theoretical, methodological, and practical recommendations for a formation and functioning of the sunflower market in Ukraine. Practical significance. The research results can be used to solve the problems of the sunflower market in Ukraine. Tabl.: 1. Figs.: 1. Refs.: 10.
Key words: market, sunflower, demand, supply, sales volumes, production, price, gross volume


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