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Економіка агропромислового виробництва

Economic efficiency of rod-shaped millet (switchgrass) cultivation within the forest-steppe of Ukraine / Kalinichenko O.V., Kulyk M.I. // Ekonomika APK. - 2018. - № 11 - P. 19

The purpose of the article is to justify theoretical and methodological positions, and evaluate an economic efficiency of rod-shaped millet (switchgrass) cultivation, depending on a type of sowing and fertilizing. Research methods. The following scientific methods have been used in the research process: abstract and logical for defining an essence and generalizing indicators for economic efficiency of switchgrass cultivation; monographic for studying an economic efficiency of switchgrass cultivation and determining factors that influence on efficiency of switchgrass cultivation; statistical and economic for studying an efficiency of resources’ use in process of switchgrass cultivation; comparative analysis for analysing an economic efficiency of switchgrass growing. Research results. Theoretical basis for the concept “efficiency” in agriculture has been researched. Based on agro-technical factors, peculiarities of switchgrass’ yield formation and its capacity were experimentally researched. Multidimensional graphs of impacts on crop productivity index have been analysed; economic efficiency of growing biomass for biofuel production has been calculated. To increase an economic efficiency of switchgrass production, a network model, which reflects logical technological sequence and operations’ interconnection in cultivation of the switchgrass, giving an opportunity to plan an optimal number of employees and material resources, has been developed. Elements of scientific novelty. Network schedule for growing switchgrass within the forest-steppe of Ukraine, considering technological operations, material and technical facilities, quantitative and qualitative parameters for performing all necessary technological operations has been justified for the first time. Assessing an economic efficiency of switchgrass cultivation, which unlike the existing provisions, offers to use a system of natural, cost, and quality indicators, has been improved. Practical significance. Technology of growing switchgrass within the forest-steppe of Ukraine has been improved, which allows to receive a larger biomass output per unit area, and provides the processing industry with plant raw materials for biofuel production. Tabl.: 3. Figs.: 3. Refs.: 22.
Key words: economic efficiency; rod-shaped millet (switchgrass); compatible crops; yield; production cost; total cost; revenue; profit; profitability level


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