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Розвиток сільських територій і соціальна сфера села

Rural development in terms of decentralization / Talavyria M.P., Horai A.O. // Ekonomika APK. - 2018. - № 11 - P. 75

The purpose of the article is to theoretically and scientifically justify methodical principles and work out recommendations for rural development in conditions of decentralization. Research methods. During the research process the following scientific methods have been used: system method for specification of categorical apparatus; economic, mathematical and statistical while working with statistical information and outputting analytical expressions; monographic while studying best practices and advanced technologies; logical for determining positive social and economic effects, in order to summarize the results and form the conclusions. Research results. For rural development in Ukraine should be adopted and implemented special regional and local programs for social and economic development of rural areas, primarily aimed at increasing employment and income of rural population, the development of local self-government, and encouragement of non-agricultural business. Unfortunately, in Ukraine, social and economic development and resilience of rural settlements are largely dependent on their territorial proximity to economic and administrative centres (suburban settlements have undeniable advantages). In this regard, definition of possible scenarios of social development of rural settlements with different population level in Ukraine in terms of decentralization of the current management system has become a priority. Elements of scientific novelty. It has been sustained practical, theoretical, and methodological recommendations for concerning sustainable development of rural territories. Practical significance. The research results are an important prerequisite for addressing the issues of sustainable rural development. Tabl.: 1. Refs.: 12.
Key words: rural areas; sustainable development; decentralization; rural budgets; administrative reform; territorial communities; revenues; expenditures


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