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Self-sufficiency of the Ukrainian domestic food market / Dukhnytskyi B.V. // Ekonomika APK. - 2018. - № 12 - P. 25

The purpose of the article is to research the importance of agro-food sector of Ukraine in fulfilling the domestic food market needs. Research methods. In the research process the following scientific methods have been used: theoretical generalization for studying essence and ways of achieving country’s food security; analysis and synthesis for comprehensive assessment of the level of food supply in Ukraine and determination of production share of certain crop, animal, and processed products in consumption funds; comparative evaluation for comparing volumes of domestic and imported products in Ukraine’s food market; balance sheet for separation products’ use on food and non-food purposes; tabular for visualization statistical re-sults of the research. Research results. The structure of Ukraine’s internal food market in context of main food groups has been considered. There have been determined the commodities characterized by high level of import dependence, and food supply features on the domestic market have been presented. High level of fulfilling domestic Ukrainian market needs by native agricultural production has been proved, forecast on development of the domestic food market for the nearest future has been given. Elements of scientific novelty. Objective reasons for increasing capacity of Ukraine's food market and possibilities of reducing import purchase’s impact on its stable functioning have been substantiated. Practical significance. The article is aimed at identifying actual trends in the Ukrainian food market, making an assessment for value of its own and foreign products, and bringing these data to state authorities and industrial producers. Tabl.: 3. Refs.: 8.
Key words: food; market capacity; balance; production; food expenditures; prospect


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