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Contents for 2018 year

European practices of supporting the sustainable rural development in terms of land relations improving

Problems of implementation of strategic management to the development of agricultural enterprises in Khmelnitskyi region

Regional production of grain crops in agricultural enterprises of Ukraine

Bakery industry of Ukraine: tendencies and problems of its development

Organizational and economic mechanism of production of prebasic spire cereal seeds

Trend analysis of development of the dairy cattle breeding in the dairy product chain

Food security indicators in Ukraine: development trends

Formation of the bioenergy market in Ukraine and its informational and analytical provision

Fiscal regulation of oilseed market development in Ukraine

Optimization decisions of the organization of agribusiness production

Analysis of unemployment levelin Ukraine: problems and ways of its solving

Arranging statistical information on production of solid biofuel by agricultural and wood-processing enterprises

Productivity and competitiveness management in agrarian enterprises in the context of socio-economic development goals

Bioeconomy and its role in the development of modern society

Legal principles of regulation of organic production in EU countries

Economic evaluation of information activities of enterprises

Land relations: the search for a balance of interests between state regulation and neoliberalism

Essence of the cluster as the latest network organization of joint activities in agro-industrial production

Regularities of development of agro-industrial production and the efficiency of its functioning

Differentiation of the efficiency of agrarian business and potential land market

Features of determining the elasticity of demand for fruit and berry products

Problems of the production costs in irrigation farming in terms of modern changes in tax legislation

Preconditions of usage of thefractal approach in agribusiness organization

Innovative factors and competitiveness of the dairy cattle industry

Normative and legal provision of rural development management

Components and priorities of sustainable development of the agrarian sector of the economy: conceptual and theoretical discourse

The origin and evolution of the concept of “sustainable development” (in English)

Dual form of education in the training of highly qualified specialists for the agrarian sphere of Ukraine

Factors and incentives of development of the organic segment of agrarian production in the world’s countries

Production and distribution of milk by volume and quality and price features

Sugar-beet industry of Ukraine in terms of instability of the world sugar market

Investment activity of agricultural enterprises in Zakarpattia region

Objects of accounting and internal audit of innovation activity

Marketing field research of plant protection products’ application in farms

Social responsibility in context of forming of strategic development of the modern agricultural business

Management of competitiveness of livestock products in agricultural enterprises of Ukraine

SWOT and PESTEL analysis of the current status of land relations in Ukraine

Methodology for developing of strategic agricultural development programs

Retrospective of paradigms of agricultural advisory services: options for Ukraine

Assessment of conformity of land relations to the level and nature of the productive forces’ development

Strategy and priorities of development of the bioenergetics in Ukraine

Milk production in Ukraine: trends and perspectives (in English)

Organizational and economic principles of functioning of the beekeeping market

Development of the market of milk and dairy products in Ukraine

Agro-insurance market in Ukraine: trends and prospects

Adaptation of enterprises of the dairy product subcomplex of Ukraine to the international standards of quality and safety of food: normative-legal and statistical aspects

Formation and functioning of the sunflower market in Ukraine

Modelling of consumption of meat products as basis for a formation of strategies and marketing complexes for meat processing enterprises

Experience of Germany in development of energy cooperatives: perspectives for Ukraine

Global demand for food