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ISSN 2221-1055 (Print)

Contents for 2018 year

Institutional environment of productivity’s management in the agrarian sector of the economy

Competitiveness evaluation of grain crop seeds in agricultural enterprises of Ukraine

Models of turnover of agricultural land: results of questionnaires

Socio-economic contradictions in development of the agrarian market and the institutional imperatives of its sustainability

Formation and functioning of the corn market in Ukraine

Main trends in the development of the world food market and food production in Ukraine

Agrarian potential of Ukraine in context of economic cooperation with Canada: the modern state and prospects for building up (in English)

Pecularities of structural changes in the economy of Ukraine

Methodical tools for reengineering of the institutional structure of the national economy`s agrarian sector

Management of marketing activities in enterprises-suppliers of spare parts for agricultural machinery

The food industry of Ukraine: retrospective analysis and modern problems of development

Personnel management at agricultural enterprises of different organizational and legal forms of management

Scientific and methodical provision for development of agricultural economics in Ukraine

Description of a market equivalence model on example of the Ukrainian vegetable market

Strengthening of the quality norms for accounting information and its role in land resources management

Management mechanisms for marketing in agricultural enterprises in the grain market

Algorithmizing of an efficiency estimation’s procedure in agricultural enterprises by the DEA method

Human-centric approach in managing competitiveness of agricultural enterprises

Prospects for formation of cluster structure in the veterinary pharmacy of Ukraine

Institutional formalization for development of family farms in Ukraine

Theoretical essence of “energy efficiency” and “energy efficiency in the crop production” categories

Market turnover of agricultural land in USA

Economical aspects of agricultural enterprises’ functioning

Tendencies in crop production and sustainable agricultural development in Ukraine – opportunities for harmonization

Investment provision of innovative development of Ukrainian agriculture

Economic efficiency of rod-shaped millet (switchgrass) cultivation within the forest-steppe of Ukraine

Confectionery market in Ukraine: trends and development prospects

Current state and development trends of the pork market in Ukraine

Marginal product of labour as a criterion of efficiency for labor pricing in agricultural enterprises

Development of transport logistics in agricultural enterprises of the western regions of Ukraine

Rural development in terms of decentralization

Territorial imbalance in life of rural women

Methodical approach to assessing competitiveness level of agricultural enterprises

Theoretical and practical foundations of creating energy independent rural territories

Supply formation on the grapes market by agricultural enterprises of Ukraine

Modern trade barriers on the European meat products market

Improvement of the state regulation model for monetary land evaluation

Modelling of liquid biofuels market in Ukraine

Self-sufficiency of the Ukrainian domestic food market (in English)

Increase of economic efficiency of production of less-common vegetable crops

Agrarian management in the agrobusiness system

Express diagnosis of internal social efficiency of agricultural enterprises: methodical provision

Perspectives and trends of institutionalization of family farmers in the market mechanism

Institutional problems of land property commerce of land plots (land shares)

Methodological bases for effectiveness evaluation of the irrigation agriculture

Organizational and economic aspects of agricultural sector development on basis of the “green economy”

Integrated reporting: concept and economic substance

Cooperation in the sphere of grape production and processing deepening