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ISSN 2221-1055 (Print)

Contents for 2019 year

Global food security and Ukraine's place in its achievement

Development of grape production in Ukraine

Financial potential of sustainable development of the agrarian sector

Corporate social responsibility of vertically integrated entities as a condition of sustainable development

Evaluation of investment attractiveness of agricultural enterprises

Information resources in the providing sales of small-scale production

Trends and prospects for development of the world agricultural markets as reference points for strengthening of Ukrainian positions

Theoretical and methodical approaches to functioning of the agricultural sector in terms of geo-economics

Lease land relations in the agriculture of Zhytomyr region

Theoretical and methodological approaches to economic essence of financial potential of the sustainable development of united territorial communities

Unresolved issues of financial provision of the agrarian sector of the state economy

Formation of sustainable village settlement network and united territorial communities

Achieving an equilibrium on the potential Ukrainian land market in terms of macroeconomic instability

Development of the cattle husbandry as a factor of social efficiency formation

Mechanism of foreign economic activity on the market of spiked cereals seeds

Technical maintenance of agricultural enterprises in Ukraine

Economic development of agrarian enterprises on basis of diversification of its activities

Investment maintenance for agricultural enterprises development

Agro-food products in commodity structure of the foreign trade of Ukraine

Market turnover of agricultural land in Israel

State support of agriculture in Ukraine

Development of foreign trade of agro-food products

Biofuel production in Ukraine in context of optimal solution of energy problem

Scientific support for development of the organic agricultural production

Agricultural land transactions: cluster analysis

Financial instruments for investment resource formation in the agricultural sector of the national economy in terms of globalization challenges

Viticulture and winemaking industry of Ukraine as a promising trend of agribusiness

Economic approach to human capital formation in management system of rural areas

Role of the gender factor in the countryside

Implementation of an agro-digital cooperation platform for region convergence in the sustainable development process

Formation and development of integration in the agro-industrial production in terms of Eurointegration

Priorities of state regulation of innovation modernization of the water management complex of Ukraine

Conceptual foundations of effective functioning of energy independent rural areas

Mission of the institute of accounting in capitalizing the national wealth and promoting sustainable development of Ukraine

Structural transformations of the stockbreeding industry in context of the global food safety

Development of the grain market in Ukraine and its stabilization

Self-employment and development of non-agricultural entrepreneurship in rural areas

Commercialization of seed industry in Ukraine and other countries’ experience

Theoretical and methodological approaches to agriculture competitiveness in modern conditions

The main aspects of international agricultural trade regulation

Import and prospects of import substitution in Ukraine

The Polish food products on the foreign markets (in English)

Partial-equilibrium analysis of the Ukrainian sugar policy (in English)

Challenges of agricultural land use considering a factor of the land market formation

Evaluation of agricultural entities’ activity in Lviv region

Regulatory policy of competitive biofuel production in Ukraine (in English)

Development of biomass potential of by-products of agricultural crops in the agrarian sector of economy

Normative and legal regulation of the formation process of market mechanism in the agrarian economy

Decentralization as a motivator for extension of functions of the domestic institute of audit

Development of family farms in region