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Development of the grain market in Ukraine and its stabilization / Ilchuk M.М., Konoval I.A., Baranovska O.D., Yevtushenko V.D. // Ekonomika APK. - 2019. - № 4 - P. 29

The purpose of the article is to assess the current state of the grain market in Ukraine and to justify approaches to the selection of effective directions for its stabilization and increasing the competitiveness of grain in the world market. Research methods. During the research, the following methods were used: factor analysis for determining influence of factors on the competitiveness level of grain; statistical for determining variation in volumes of grain production; calculative-constructive for calculation of the increase in foreign exchange earnings from improving grain quality; forecasting for determining volumes of grain use for different goals for the future; balancing for developing wheat and corn grain balances in Ukraine for 2018/19 marketing year; abstract-logical for formulation of conclusions. Research results. The current state of the grain market in Ukraine was analysed and the main problems of the grain market development were identified. It was established that the strategic direction of further development of the grain market in Ukraine should be aimed at its stabilization and increasing the competitiveness of grain on the world market. Stabilization of grain production in Ukraine at the level of 65–70 million tons and the restoration of soil fertility will be facilitated by the contour-landscape organization of the land use area in combination with a decrease of ploughing of agricultural land from 78.4% to 54.0% and the implementation of soil protection technologies, increase of using mineral fertilizers per 1 hectare of sowing, rational allocation of grain crops in regions of the country in accordance with natural and economic conditions. Elements of scientific novelty. It was proposed to stabilize the volume of grain production in Ukraine at the level of 65–70 million tons before the development and implementation of a system of organizational, economic, environmental, legal and land-regulating measures for land management, which will provide an increase in plant productivity and preservation of soil fertility. Practical significance. The proposed system of measures to stabilize the grain market in Ukraine will ensure a market balance between supply and demand, harmonize interests of participants of this market, increase competitiveness of products on the world market without degrading land resources’ quality. Tabl.: 7. Refs.: 16.
Key words: grain market; market conditions; export; market infrastructure; stabilization; efficiency


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