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Зовнішньоекономічні відносини

The main aspects of international agricultural trade regulation / Dukhnytskyi B.V. // Ekonomika APK. - 2019. - № 4 - P. 74

The purpose of the article is to research modern features of the global agrarian trade development in the context of its regulation by special organizations, as well as the concrete possibilities and potential of increasing agricultural export and import as a result of the approved conditions for Ukraine. Research methods. In the research process were used the following scientific methods: theoretical generalization (for study a role and place of agrarian trade in the foreign economic relations system); analysis and synthesis (for identifying ways to influence on the development of international agricultural trade); comparative evaluation (for consideration of functions of each organization that directly regulates international trade); induction and deduction (for assessing an overall impact of organizations on formation of agrarian policy in the world and its regions, as well as specific commitments of Ukraine in the agrarian sector within the framework of signed agreements). Research results. The most typical ways for regulation and principles of world trade functioning were researched: a mechanism of influence and authority of key regulating organizations considered. There were analysed priorities of trade policy in terms of most typical directions and objects, and a scope of the global economy coverage was determined due to an influence of each major regulating organizations. List of the most important issues for Ukraine, which should be solved in a process of actual accession of our agricultural sector to the global agricultural policy system, was given. Elements of scientific novelty. Powers of the most influential international institutions, which define the ways for global trade development in the long run, were separated, and the existing priority of their efforts for the needs of developing countries or those with transition economies was highlighted. Practical significance. The article is aimed at disseminating the most relevant information among domestic producers and exporters on necessary conditions and differences in the implementation of export-import operations with agrarian raw materials and food products as a WTO member or EU trade partner upon their moving to target foreign markets. Refs.: 11.
Key words: regulation; international trade; liberalization; agricultural products; principles; import duties; support


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