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Theoretical and methodical principles for determining the efficiency of storage of agricultural products / Andriichuk V.H., Khodzitska K.R. // Ekonomika APK. - 2019. - № 11 - P. 17

The purpose of the article is to analyze the degree of availability of grain storage facilities in Ukraine, to substantiate the feasibility of such storage for products sale in the future, and to propose a methodical approach to determine and evaluate economic benefits of a given logistics operation at appropriate intervals. Research methods. The following research methods were used: monographic (in the study of the level of storage tariffs for individual elevators); design and construction (for determining economic benefits of storing products for different time intervals); comparison (for estimating economic benefits at different exchange rates of the dollar to the hryvnia); abstract and logical (for generalizing, formulating conclusions and recommendations). Research results. Degree of agricultural enterprises security in capacities for storage of agricultural products in context of Ukrainian regions was determined, as well as deficit of storage capacities and possible term of its coverage were calculated. Economic effect of maize storage for different time intervals of the future period was determined according to different options: under conditions of sale of grain in foreign and domestic markets; actual volatile dynamics of the dollar to the hryvnia and its stabilization; relevant recommendations in regards to this aspect of the study were substantiated. Elements of scientific novelty. Theoretical bases on defining limits of expediency of storage of agricultural products were deepened and the method for determining the economic efficiency of such storage as an important component of logistics was developed. Practical significance. The main results of the study have applied orientation and can be used by enterprises to determine the economic feasibility of storage of products at different time intervals in the future and to choose the external or internal market for the production sale. Tabl.: 7. Refs.: 14.
Key words: storage capacities; price; economic effect of storage; exchange rate; storage tariffs


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