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Зарубіжний досвід розвитку аграрного виробництва

The concept of market turnover of agricultural land / Yurchenko I.V. // Ekonomika APK. - 2020. - № 2 - P. 115

The purpose of the article is to formulate the concept of market circulation of agricultural land with the definition of its main regulatory tools and institutional support on basis of the international experience. Research methods. In the research process were used the following scientific methods: the empirical method (for comprehensive assessment of the current state of the market turnover of agricultural lands in the world); generalization and systematization (for construction of a concept and a logical-structural model of economic turnover of lands); the abstract and logical (for theoretical generalizations and conclusions). Research results. The concept of market turnover of agricultural land based on a study of the experience of countries of the world was formed. The main problem for regulating the agricultural land market of the studied countries was disclosed. The need and purpose of regulating the market turnover of land in agriculture were established. The preemptive right as a main instrument for regulating the land market was determined. Institutional support of regulation of the market turnover of lands, and the need for the creation and tasks of land agencies were investigated. Based on the data obtained, a general logical and structural diagram of the market turnover of agricultural land was built. Elements of scientific novelty. Based on the world experience in the functioning of the market turnover of agricultural lands of nine countries (Israel, Germany, Poland, Romania, the United States of America, Hungary, Czech Republic, France, and Japan), the world concept of building and functioning a model of the market turnover of agricultural lands was determined. Practical significance. A concept was proposed for the construction and functioning of a model of market circulation of agricultural land in Ukraine, which would ensure the development of family farming (as a global basis for efficient agriculture), socio-economic development of rural areas, formation of an effective land owner and cost-effective land use. Table: 1. Figs.: 2. Refs.: 34.
Key words: land market turnover; land market; preemptive right; land agency; family farming


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