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Аграрна політика і реформування

Rural proofing: the European policy and guidelines for Ukraine / Borodina O.M. // Ekonomika APK. - 2020. - № 2 - P. 20

The purpose of the article is a scientific and applied analysis of both the essence of the European rural proofing policy and the mechanisms of its implementation. The article aims to draw attention to this interdisciplinary problem, raise public awareness of its importance for Ukraine, and develop proposals to adapt the European approaches, taking into account the specifics of rural lifestyles and modern reforms in Ukraine, especially the decentralization of power and reform of the administrative and territorial organization. Research methods. In the research process the following general and specific methods were used: the systematic approach and systematic analysis were used to define the conceptual base and essence of the European rural policy to secure rural areas; historical and logical methods were used to study the formation and development of the processes and approaches of European authorities and institutions to secure rural areas; institutional analysis was used to study the organizational and economic mechanisms to adjust the national and sectoral policies to the needs of rural development; methods of analysis and synthesis were used to summarize the lessons and develop proposals for implementing the European approaches into the national practice; the graphical method was used to reflect the stages in evaluating the sectoral policy in terms of compliance with rural living conditions; the monographic method was used to evaluate the results of sectoral policies' adaptation to the needs of rural communities. Research results. Author summarized the scientific and applied principles for the establishment and development of the European policies to protect rural areas and justified the basic approaches for implementing the mechanisms to protect the finer things of the rural way of life and lifestyles in Ukraine. Such approaches guarantee that rural specificities are taken into account and integrated within the framework of the relevant policies at the national and sectoral levels. It is relevant in context of meeting the needs and interests of rural communities and rural businesses, especially in conditions of the remoteness of services from their consumers and dispersion of the rural population. Elements of scientific novelty. Taking into account the national specifics and needs, author revealed the nature and conceptual principles of the policy protecting the rural way of life and lifestyles, the organisational and economic mechanisms of the policy, and their consequences. Practical significance. Systemic improvements of the state regulations and approach to rural development in Ukraine are possible if based on the European innovative approaches and political practices oriented on protecting rural lifestyles. Figs.: 2. Refs.: 14.
Key words: rural proofing policy; common agricultural policy of the European Union; inclusive rural development; rural development policy; adaptation of policy


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