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Actual problems in food supplying to the world's population / Dukhnytskyi B.V. // Ekonomika APK. - 2020. - № 6 - P. 91

The purpose of the article is to investigate the problem of food shortages for a significant number of the population worldwide, taking into account the history of the problem, its causes, consequences, statistics and prospects for solving in accordance with existing trends. Research methods. Methods used: theoretical generalization - for characterizing international organizations and program goals that work to combat hunger, analysis and synthesis - for consideration the dynamics number of starving people on the planet and identify regions and countries with largest expanding such problem, comparative evaluation - for comparing absolute and relative statistical indicators in various aspects of the problem, historical - for structuring over time the measures taken to ensure sufficient food supply and their actual results, graphic - for better visualization the comparative statistics. Research results. Information on the responsible institutions that settle food shortages around the world is provided, key issues that need attention in the context of food insecurity are described, quantitative indicators of the global food problem are considered, the uneven nature of its distribution is highlighted, given list of the factors that deepen social and economic problems for the population, a clear link between poverty and chronic malnutrition is determined, critical remarks about the reality of prospect to overcome hunger according to the planned schedule are formed. Scientific novelty. An assessment of development the situation with the number of starving people in the world in the coming decades is made, taking into account an expected demographic changes and potential resources of agricultural production as a key sector in this problem. Practical significance. The provisions of the article are aimed at underlining weaknesses in the global food security system, detailing them and presenting to domestic authorities and business structures in order to find a balance between expanding export potential, participating in international initiatives and maintaining economical-effective agricultural sector. Figs.: 1. Refs.: 17.
Key words: food; hunger; problem; poverty; UN; global goal


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