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Paradigm of the functional approach to manifestations of risk in performance of enterprises under market conditions / Pavlenchyk N.F., Horbonos F.V., Pavlenchyk A.O., Skrynkovskyy R.M. // Ekonomika APK. - 2020. - № 6 - P. 98

The purpose of the article is to study the nature and peculiarities of risks appearance in some segments of the agricultural product market and to justify their functions, which can be manifested in the process of agricultural enterprises activity in the market environment. Research methods. Based on the empirical method, through questionnaires and surveys, the principal threats and possible risks level at the agricultural market by its segments are determined. Based on the functional approach method, using the elements of a graphical and spatial description, a set of risk functions has been established that is belong to all enterprise activity stages under market conditions and they have been investigated by segments. Research results. The nature of the origin of the risks of the activities of agricultural enterprises in the market is justified. The necessity of using an analytical integrated approach to assessing potential risks and establishing the cause of their occurrence and the scope of origin is determined. State measures are outlined in the direction of improving risk management, reducing their initial level, and minimizing it in order to create favorable conditions for the agricultural enterprise activities under the market environment. Scientific novelty. The author presents a methodological approach to understanding the essence of “risk”, according to which it is interpreted as the action of the subject on the basis of informed decision-making in a situation of uncertainty. A risk algorithm is formed in the market mechanism, in the context of possible threats. The key in the algorithm determines the desire of the market entity to satisfy their own interest, which in turn serves as the driving force of the socio-economic development of society. Practical significance. Risks in any enterprise economic activity as a result of the action of objective natural and economic laws of the market mechanism and competition are inevitable. Hence, there is a possibility that it is justified a qualitative assessment of threats and possible risk consequences, as well as their effective management can determine the successful business entity's activities. It is especially important to establish the causes of their occurrence and the scope of origin. Constructive and thorough behavior of the subject in risk management can stimulate the adoption of a justified decision, despite the fact that the interest, intentions and focus in time provoke the subject's activity and, to some extent, adventurism of the action, which can lead to destabilization of the situation. This is the essence of the risk basis. Tabl.: 4. Figs.: 7. Refs.: 15.
Key words: risk; enterprise; market; risk functions; risk management


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