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Аграрна політика і реформування

Diversification of labor potential use of rural areas / Shebanin V.S., Kormyshkin Yu.A. // Ekonomika APK. - 2020. - № 8 - P. 6

The purpose of the article is to investigate and analyze possible directions of diversification of the use of labor potential of rural areas. Research methods. Methods used: dialectical (cognition of processes and phenomena), monographic (analysis of the evolution of scientific achievements of Ukrainian and foreign scientists on the problems of using the labor potential of rural areas), abstract-logical (theoretical generalizations and conclusions), statistical (when developing tables and figures), stochastic modeling (in determining the most likely areas for choosing a field of professional activity). Research results. The current state and trends in the development of labor potential of rural areas of Ukraine are considered and analyzed. The directions of diversification of types of economic activity in rural areas are substantiated. Particular attention is paid to the development of non-agricultural employment. Scientific novelty. Theoretical and practical provisions on the areas of diversification of the use of labor potential of rural areas of Ukraine have been further developed, which will contribute to the formation of a multi-sectoral structure of employment of the rural population; current trends in the development of non-standard forms of employment in the EU countries are identified and the need to strengthen the functional role of rural areas in the direction of non-agricultural functions is substantiated. Practical significance. The main provisions and conclusions set out in the article contain certain practical recommendations for promoting the involvement of the rural population in entrepreneurial activities, which will ensure the preservation and various uses of the labor potential of rural areas. Tabl.: 1. Figs.: 1. Refs.:17.
Key words: labor potential, rural areas, employment, unemployment, remote employment


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