ISSN 2413-2322 (Online)

ISSN 2221-1055 (Print)

Contents № 10 for 2020 year

Economics of agro-industrial production

Association of producers as a tool of strategic development of medicinal plants in Ukraine

Application of the DEA method to assess the agricultural sector development

Evaluation and analysis of the efficiency of crop production in Ukraine by the DEA method

Material and technical support of the agrarian sphere

Oil and oil products market in Ukraine

Agrarian management and entrepreneurship

Integrating aspect of economic development in Ukrainian agriculture

Rural development and rural social sphere

Evolution of economic theories of sustainable rural development

Strategic approach to the formation of social responsibility of Ukrainian agrarian economy subjects

Management and informational support

The structure of agro-industrial enterprises management in the context of the information technology development

Scientific discussion

Social capital of the agricultural sphere: theoretical concept of evaluation of formation and functioning

Application of the framework method of transformation audit methodologies for ensuring sustainable deve-lopment of rural areas

Strengthening state influence on ensuring sustainable development of entrepreneurship in agriculture

Young scientist’s page

Methodological approaches to assessing the needs of investments of agricultural enterprises for new technology