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Contents for 2020 year

The analytical potential of the abstract-logical research method in the field of agricultural policy

Providing short-term financial resources to small agribusiness: empirical evidence from microfinance organizations

Formation of competitive advantages of tourism industry entities

Organizational and economic features of functioning of entrepreneurship in agriculture

Management of human capital development in ensuring rural population quality of life

Innovative agroclusters as a form of integration scientific and educational activities and business

Empirical analysis of agricultural and non-agricultural exports’impact on infrastructural investment in Nigeria (in English)

Methodical approaches to the identification of rural areas: world practice

Organizational-economic socialization of entrepreneurship under the conditions of economic transformation

The main factors in the modernization of hop enterprises

Globalization of land use transformation: consequences and ways to prevent them

Electronic auctions for the sale of land lease rights: new opportunities and risks

The influence of the level of production intensity on the formation of an effective cost structure in crop production

Advisory support for organizational components of production management and bioethanol use

Investment potential of the agrarian sector of economy of Ukraine: formation and development

Current state and development trends of the meat market

Economic assessments of the impact of Covid-19 on farm development

Export and import of agricultural machinery

Actual problems in food supplying to the world's population (in English)

Paradigm of the functional approach to manifestations of risk in performance of enterprises under market conditions (in English)

Methodological approaches and applied evaluations of inclusive rural development

Improvement of accounting and analytical providing of capital investments in agricultural enterprises

Positives and negatives of the agrarian system of Ukraine

Formation and implementation of the state food security policy of Ukraine

Current situation and forecast of the apple market conjuncture in Ukraine

Formation of varietal plant resources and their role for the seed production development

Trends and prospects for the development of bakery production in European countries

Water management in Ukraine: peculiarities and prospects of development

Methodical bases for assessing the viability of enterprises

State support for entrepreneurship development in the agrarian sector of the economy

Budgeting as a component of the formation of management decisions for agricultural enterprise

State of development of service agricultural cooperation in Ukraine

Assessment of the state of innovative development of agriculture based on institutional analysis of its high-tech sphere

Diversification of labor potential use of rural areas

Methodological aspects of determining the amount of losses of agricultural production in the withdrawal land for other purposes

Food products trade development and food supply chain problems in Ukraine

Lending in the system of agrarian transformations of Ukraine

Development of the agricultural sector of Ukraine: financial aspect

Genesis and development of agricultural advisory services in Ukraine (in English)

Development of the world market of sheep products

Formation of institutional components of cooperative development of alternative energy in the agricultural sector of economy

Formation of component determinants of the institutional environment of the economy of Ukraine

The formation of macroeconomic proportions in the new economic conditions

Organizational and structural aspects of the formation of the economic efficiency of agricultural enterprises

Economic calculations of the potential of renewable bioenergy production in formation of energy independence of the agro-industrial complex

Wine market potential in Ukraine

Socio-economic orientation of family farms in entrepreneurial activity

The status and ways of providing the rural population employment in Ukraine

Innovation and investment support for the development of agriculture in Ukraine

The state of innovation and information development of agro-industrial enterprises