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Contents for 2021 year

Theoretical basis and methodological approaches to formation of a strategy for managing the efficiency of farming investments

Transformation of organizational and legal forms of agriculture from multistructure to latifundation

Development of agri-food products export in Ukraine

Development of the milk market in the context of ensuring the country's food security

The state of competition in the varieties and seed varieties markets of soft winter wheat of domestic selection

Gender balance in the context of decentralization of rural development management

Scientific support for the development of agricultural reforms in Ukraine

Transfer of energy inefficiency: cheap hydropower at the expense of farmers

Analysis of the influence of factors of innovative activity of agro-industrial complex enterprises on the stability of their economic development (in English)

State regulation of entrepreneurship development in the agricultural sector

Entrepreneurship development in agriculture of Ukraine

Socio-economic conditions of agricultural sector development

Yield or profit: alternatives to the development of national crop production

Assessment of the sheep industry development

Vegetable market development in Ukraine

Grain market in Ukraine: analysis of the current state and development prospects

Identification of differences in accounting as a branch of scientific knowledge and practice: the basis of transformatinal shifts

Development of the biofuel industry as a determinant of sustainable development of Ukraine

Stimulating the production of niche crops in Ukraine based on fastplant technologies

Theoretical and methodological approaches to the development of an institutional model of the agricultural sector financial support

The essence and goals of state support for small and medium entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector

The system of credit guarantees as a tool to increase financing for small and medium-sized agricultural enterprises

Raw material orientation of the agricultural sector and its socio-economic consequences for Ukraine

Status and prospects of development of grain exports from Ukraine to African countries

Capitalization as a factor in increasing the competitiveness of the forest industry

Evaluation of the efficiency of using individual biogas plants for processing biowaste of peasant farms

Rating assessment of the self-sufficiency level of economic entities in the agricultural sector

Methodology for assessing the effectiveness of the scientific and innovative cluster

Denmark: experience of market turnover of agricultural land

Сonceptual assessment of the implementation of the principles of inclusive rural areas development with the participation of agroholding integrated formations

Challenges and possible solutions problems of labor migration of the rural population

Foreign economic activity and the performance of the agricultural sector of Ukraine's economy

Methodical approaches to the definition of monetary valuation of land

Organisational and economic problems of milk production in Ukraine and their solutions

Chemical reclamation of acid soils: organizational and economic measures and modern technological solutions

Impact of COVID-19 quarantine restrictions on labor market and rural employment

Prospects for foreign trade in agri-food products between Ukraine and Asian countries

Assessing motivative factors in the agricultural entrepreneurship development

The concept of a circular economy in the context of sustainable development

Development of farms in the organizational and economic support of employment of the population

Prospects for climate change on Earth

Formation of programs for integrated socio-economic development of united territorial communities, taking into account the risks of the COVID-19 pandemic

The role of social capital of the agricultural enterprise in the implementation of the principles of corporate social responsibility

Prospects of grain production development in Kirovohrad region

Regulation of the GM crops circulation in Ukraine: problems and ways to solve them

The effectiveness of innovative activities of the food industry in the system of sustainable development goals of the country

Problems and instruments of state organizational and economic support of the circular economу development

Leadership in the role of motivators and creators of employees performance (in English)

Non-oil export challenges of oil countries in case of Azerbaijan (in English)

Theoretical foundations of rural development