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Економіка агропромислового виробництва

Development of agri-food products export in Ukraine / Zakharchuk O.V. // Ekonomika APK. - 2021. - № 1 - P. 28

The purpose of the article is to investigate the current state of production of value-added food products, its trends and export prospects. Research methods. The study was carried out using the following methods: structural-functional (description and explanation of the system for creating value-added products), comparison (determination of properties and characteristics based on the collected statistical data on the production of raw materials and value-added products), abstract-logical (theoretical generalizations and the wording of categories and conclusions). Research results. The levels of production of raw livestock products and value-added products have been investigated. The concept and essence of value added from agricultural products to food products are highlighted. Opportunities for the development of industrial industry and development prospects are noted. The stage of development of value-added food production and further prospects of the sector have been determined. Scientific novelty. The existing information on the concept of value added is summarized and examples are given in the Ukrainian sector of agricultural commodities and value-added products. The features and mechanisms of work of the agricultural and food sectors have been determined. Practical significance. As a result of the study, it becomes possible to identify value-added products of the agricultural and food industries. Indicators of changes in production by years and types of product categories are given. Tabl.: 3. Refs.: 10.
Key words: agriculture; added value; food production; food export; food industry; economy; foreign economic activity


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