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Vegetable market development in Ukraine / Salo I.A. // Ekonomika APK. - 2021. - № 2 - P. 41

The purpose of the article is to research the current state and peculiarities of the vegetable market development and predict its conjuncture. Research methods. The following methods were applied: analysis and synthesis, analytical generalizations; graphic – during analysis the vegetable production and selling, international trade; balance – during determining of the market balance of demand and supply, their changes and mutual influence; export and import provisions; statistical; extrapolation constructive and calculated - for market forecasting. Research results. The problems of the vegetable market development were explored. The tendencies and peculiarities of its functioning established. The main market economic parameters were considered: production, consumption, price situation, international trade. The peculiarities of the structural changes of the export and import supplies were balance. The necessity of increasing the vegetable marketable supply during the winter-spring period was established as well as the causes restraining the vegetable growing industry development determined and the directions of its further progress. Scientific novelty. The major parameters of the vegetable market development were substantiated from viewpoint of the necessity of the rational population requirements provision as well as of increasing the export potential and the vegetable growing industry further progress. Practical significance. The research results should be used when forming the expedient program of the vegetable growing industry development for the long term period, directed, first of all, to the rational Ukraine’s population provision with the vegetable products. Tabl.: 3. Figs.: 2. Refs.: 12.
Key words: market; vegetables; production; consumption; price; export; imports


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