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Grain market in Ukraine: analysis of the current state and development prospects / Cheremisina S.H. // Ekonomika APK. - 2021. - № 2 - P. 48

The purpose of the article is to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the grain market of Ukraine and justify priority measures for its further stabilization, increase competitiveness and increase efficiency. Research methods. In the process of research a number of methods were used: abstract-logical - to formulate conclusions; comparative analysis - to compare indicators and identify trends in their change; tabular - for a visual representation of the results of the study; statistical - in determining the variation in the volume of grain production; calculation and design - to develop balances of cereals and justify their forecast indicators; monographic - detailing the current state and problems of the grain market of Ukraine; graphic - to illustrate market trends in the studied grain market. Research results. The tendency of significant growth of production and export of grain crops in Ukraine is revealed. It is investigated that there is a steady increase in supply in the grain market, which is formed mainly due to production volumes. The result of a comprehensive analysis of export flows in the grain market of Ukraine is a developed forecast of grain exports. The forecast balance of grain and leguminous crops by main types has been developed. The price situation on the domestic grain market in terms of major crops is analyzed and the world grain market situation is studied. Priority measures have been systematized that will contribute to the further development of the domestic grain market and the strengthening of Ukraine's leading position in the world grain market. Scientific novelty. Methodological and practical aspects of studying the problems of the grain market and developing directions for sustainable development of the grain complex of Ukraine have been further developed. Practical significance. These approaches and research results can be used by public and sectoral authorities in the organization of monitoring and development of priority measures to increase the competitiveness of domestic grain potential in world markets. Tabl.: 4. Figs.: 5. Refs.: 13.
Key words: grain; grain market; grain market conjuncture; production; exports; price; development; efficiency


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