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Економіка агропромислового виробництва

Organisational and economic problems of milk production in Ukraine and their solutions / Shpychak O.M. // Ekonomika APK. - 2021. - № 4 - P. 24

The purpose of the article is: to assess organizational and economic state of the Ukrainian dairy industry production and to identify the causal links of transformational changes that have taken place and are taking place in Ukraine and have led to undesirable consequences; to determine reasons for existing natural milk production in Ukraine even in the XXI century; to offer a step-by-step solution of organizational and economic problems of dairy industry development in order to provide the domestic market with the required quantity and quality of dairy products and export potential, considering modern Ukrainian realities and experience of the leading countries of the world. Research methods. Theoretical and methodological basis of the study was the systematic approach to determining economic processes based on the dialectical method of cognition, as well as using scientific developments of domestic and foreign scientists on the efficiency of milk production and processing, laws and regulations of state authorities of Ukraine on dairy farming and milk processing during formation of the relevant market. Monographic and abstract and logical methods were used to substantiate the research methodology and theoretical generalizations in determining the essence of organizational and economic principles of development of the dairy subcomplex and justifying the typicality concept. When working with analytics and empirical knowledge of phenomena and processes, such methods of economic research were used: comparative analysis, economic and statistical, graphic. To analyse the economic efficiency of milk production depending on various influencing factors and select groups for identifying typical dairy farms, the method of statistical groupings was used. Determining the directions of development and improving efficiency of milk production and processing in the relevant consumer market required the use of calculation and design, balance, extrapolation and other research methods. Research results. The role and place of personal peasant farms and agricultural enterprises through their volumes and structure in the general problem of providing products of the population of Ukraine were considered. Taking into account modern Ukrainian realities and experience of the world's leading countries, a step-by-step solution of organizational and economic problems of dairy industry development was proposed in order to provide the domestic market with the required quantity and quality of dairy products and increase export potential. Scientific novelty. For the first time, the causal links in the historical process between households and agricultural enterprises and their role in shaping the volume and quality of milk are considered. The reasons that led to the undesirable consequences were identified and suggestions for their elimination were given. It is substantiated that the quality of milk produced in households for own consumption is of high quality. Practical significance. Necessary ways of liquidation of impersonal transfer of milk from the household before it gets into the receiving tank of the procurer were offered. It should be achieved in our conditions only by increasing the number of livestock kept in a separate household: from 1-2 cows to at least 15-20 animals, i.e. the creation of dairy family farms, as it have been done in Poland, France etc. In this case, a milk producer is fully responsible for its quality. Tabl.: 6. Figs.: 1. Refs.: 33.
Key words: milk; natural production; processing; quality; organisational and economic problems; causation; transformational changes; households; mini-farms; counterfeiting, purchasing power


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