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Prospects for foreign trade in agri-food products between Ukraine and Asian countries / Dukhnytskyi B.V. // Ekonomika APK. - 2021. - № 4 - P. 68

The purpose of the article is to analyze the indicators of foreign trade in agri-food products between Ukraine and Asian countries, to assess the potential of its development with taking into account latest trends in the world agricultural market. Research methods. Methods used: theoretical generalization - for characterizing the production and foreign trade of agri-food products in Asian countries, analysis and synthesis - for considering the dynamics and commodity structure of mutual agricultural trade between Ukraine and Asian countries, general studying an agricultural system of the region, comparative evaluation - for forming ratings of the largest exporters and importers of food among Asian countries, finding differences between domestic exports of agricultural products and imports of Asia, and vice versa, graphical and tabular - for optimizing the visual displaying of research results. Research results. The current export and import of agri-food products by Asian countries are considered, the main trade representatives of the region are identified, the crucial role of Asia in the formation of global food supply is analyzed, the current state of Ukraine's agricultural trade with Asian countries is studied, an overall assessment of its development potential was made, based on the latest trends in the global market and possible using of agreements on the functioning of free trade zones between the partners. Scientific novelty. Asian countries have been researched out separately as Ukraine's foreign trade partners in terms of agri-food products, including the most important players in exports and imports, analytical information has been provided taking into account the impact of the pandemic and the signing of a new interregional trade agreement. Practical significance. The provisions of the article are aimed at informing domestic exporters and importers of agricultural raw materials and ready food products about the possibilities of entering, consolidating and necessary purchases in Asian markets, as well as public authorities that directly influence decisions on international trade liberalization. Tabl.: 6. Figs.: 1. Refs.: 15.
Key words: prospect; foreign trade; food; structure; pandemic; market conditions


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