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ISSN 2221-1055 (Print)

Contents for 2021 year

Economy of agrarian transformations (in English)

The principal contradictions of the organizational and economic mechanism for the development of the agrarian sector of Ukraine and ways to resolve them

Forecasting the competitiveness of the agricultural enterprises development in the system of formation their competitive strategies

Methods for assessing the development of subjects of agrarian entrepreneurship

Social capital in the development of social entrepreneurship

Conceptual principles of Smart-territories formation in Ukraine

Initial marketing analysis methodics of competitors sites in the process of promotion scientific and innovative products

State policy in the field of implementation of bioenergy technologies in the context of its regulatory and legal support

Institutional factors in the development of labour productivity in agricultural entrepreneurship

Food systems formation: theoretical and essential aspects

Imperatives of formation of the organizational mechanism efficient operation of milk processing enterprises

Food security in the current dimension (in English)

Current challenges to the country's food supply

Institutional criteria of influence of Ukraine's modern agricultural formations on the level of rural areas development

Indicative assessment of the innovative development effectiveness of entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector of the economy

Organization, organizing, administration

Theory of essence of the definition "rural areas"

Bio-oriented economy development: EU experience

Structural and functional principles of entrepreneurship development in rural areas

Socio-economic factors of academic mobility in the formation of competitiveness of representatives of a scientific and educational society