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Requirements to articles

The International scientific and production journal «Ekonomika APK» is monthly, up to 25 conventional printed pages. The articles, which have scientific, research and production value, only will be submitted. The author has the right to send only one scientific article to the one issue of journal, which was not published earlier.

  1. 1. The editorial board of the journal submit for publishing scientific articles in the Ukrainian, Russian and English languages, which meet the requirements of the State Attestation Committee of Ukraine to scientific articles and have such obligatory elements: statement of a problem; analysis of the last researches and publications; purpose; a statement of the main results of research with novelty aspects; conclusions and prospects for further researches in this direction.

  2. 2. Article has to be up to 14 pages, signed by the author (authors) and sent to editorial stuff on paper and electronic carriers. It is necessary to print the text through 1,5 intervals (up to 30 lines on the page); fields: on the left – 3,5 cm, on the right – 1,5 cm, from above and from below – 2 cm. Font type – Times New Roman, font size – 14 pt.

  3. 3. The author places an article elements in such sequence: UDC; completely without reductions his/her name, middle name, surname, scientific degree, academic status, position, the working place without abbreviation; article title, further – headings listed in the item No. 1.

  4. 4. Graduate students on the first page of article in the footnote form add a surname, name and middle name of the research supervisor, who surely vises article, his/her scientific degree and an academic status.

  5. 5. After a statement of the main material it is necessary to bring in the Ukrainian, Russian and English languages the full name of the author, article title, summary (not less than 800 signs of such structure: article purpose, research technique, results of research, elements of scientific novelty, practical importance (scope of results) and keywords (not less than 6).

  6. 6. At the end of an article places the list of the bibliography cited (not less than 10) in alphabetical order, including 6-7 foreign authors (Latin). Works of authors for which there are references in the text of article have to be displayed in the list of references. References to sources need to be designated in the text in square brackets by serial number of this work in the list of references.

  7. 7. The author (authors) have to specify the working and home postal address (in the Ukrainian, Russian and English languages), an e-mail address, contact phone numbers.

  8. 8. The quantity of graphic material has to be minimal. Drawings are carried out by means of the Microsoft Excel editor, black and white (an image of filling in charts - shaped); formulas move an italic font. The author of article surely gives information source after each drawing or table.

  9. 9. Indispensable condition is existence of the internal review of article, the confirmed seal of that establishment where the author works or studies.

  10. 10. Surely article in English for placement on the journal website sends in electronic form (according to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sport of Ukraine of 17.10.2012 No. 1111, the item 2.9 "About Obligatory Existence of Articles in English on the Web Page of the Edition"). Article in English has to be certified by the press of a translation agency or department of foreign languages of higher educational institutions.

  11. 11. Articles are taken cognizance and arrive on professional reviewing on condition of observance by the author of all requirements. The editorial stuff reserves the right for additional reviewing of articles, keeping author's stylistics and the main conclusions. The average term of the manuscript expectation is about for 2-3.5 months.

  12. 12. Articles, which are not issued according to requirements of the journal, are not considered by editorial stuff.

All rights are reserved. The texts of articles, tables, graphic material, formulas are protected by the law on copyright. Reprints and translations of articles are allowed only with the consent of the author and the editorial stuff of the Journal. The responsibility for reliability of the facts, quotes, own names, place names, names of the enterprises, organizations, institutions and other information is assigned to authors. Some opinions stated in the printed articles cannot coincide with the point of view of the editorial board and do not assign to it any obligations.