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ISSN 2221-1055 (Print)

Requirements to articles for publication in the International Scientific and Production Journal “Ekonomika APK”

The editorial board of the journal accepts articles (in Ukrainian, English, and Russian) that meet the requirements of the Department of Personnel Certification and Licensing to professional scientific articles. An author has the right to publish only one not previously published article in one journal’s issue.

Requirements to articles:
  1. 1. The volume of an article must be less than 14 computer pages, signed by an author (authors) and submitted to the editorial board in electronic versions. Text must be formatted with 1.5 interval (up to 30 lines per page), using the following margins: 3 cm on the left, 1.5 cm on the right, 2 cm on the top and bottom. Font type – Times New Roman, font size - 14 pt.

  2. 2. The text of the article should be set according to the following scheme:

  3. - UDC;
  4. - full name of an author;
  5. - scientific degree, academic rank;
  6. - title of an article;
  7. - abstract (in English, not less than 1800 signs), which must contain a brief summarize of the article content in the following structure: the purpose of the article, research methods*, research results, elements of scientific novelty, practical significance, and keywords (not less than six). Please see the Example);
  8. - information about an author (authors): full name, scientific degree, academic rank, position, place of work (full name of department or other structural unit without abbreviations), working postal address, e-mail address, ORCID, contact phone;
  9. - text of an article highlighted with the following headings: scientific problem, analysis of recent researches and publications, purpose of an article, research methodology, main results of study, conclusions;
  10. - list of references in alphabetical order (not less than 10 but not more than 30) according to the international APA bibliographic standard (
  11. Works of authors, which are referenced in an article, must be indicated in the text in square brackets according to a number of this work in the list of references.
  12. 3. An amount of graphic material should be minimal. Figures must be made by using the special editor of Microsoft Excel and inserted into text as an object (black and white image); formulas must be typed in italics. An author must give a source of information under each figure and table.

  13. 4. Postgraduate students must indicate a full name of their scientific supervisor (whose review on an article must be submitted to the editorial board as well), his degree, and academic rank. This information must be placed on the first page of an article in the form of footnotes.

  14. 5. The editors of the journal provide a qualitative independent review of the submitted materials for publication and reserve the right to further review, preserving the author's style and main conclusions. An author bears full responsibility for a content of an article.

  15. 6. Articles that do not meet the requirements of the journal would not be considered by the editorial board!

  16. _____________

    * An author must highlight scientific methods, used in a research process. It is necessary to list them not separated from the content of the article, but briefly and meaningfully define what has been investigated using each method. This will make it possible to verify the logic and acceptability of choosing these scientific methods.